Put a New Septic System in for Your Property

Arrange for a septic system installation in Walla Walla or Kennewick, WA

In Walla Walla and Kennewick, WA, there are many rural areas that are far from the sewer systems. People living in these areas need a septic system in place to deal with their waste. If you need a septic system for your property, Valley Septic can provide you with septic tank installation services.

Whether we're replacing your old unit or installing a new one for your property, we'll make sure to do the job right and work efficiently. Call 509-525-9877 today to get a free estimate on your septic tank installation.

Learn more about our septic installation process

We'll follow a straightforward but thorough process when we perform a septic system installation. You can expect us to:

  • Make a visit to your property
  • Work with the Health Department to determine the right system for your property
  • Draft up an estimate on your septic system installation
  • Grade and excavate the project site for your tank and drain field
  • Perform your septic tank installation
  • Hook up your system to your house
Once we've finished the installation, we'll cover up your tank and smooth out the dirt.

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